Sunday August 8th 2015

Why Mobile? 

I have collected Nike’s and Jordan's for over 19 years and have always loved shoes, keeping up to date with the newest releases and retro's that have been released. I had never envisioned myself becoming a reseller, but then the “hype beast era” started and the prices rose to levels that really shocked me . In the past, I sold shoes here and there online to get a newer shoe or a pair of greater value. One evening while talking with my girl about sneakers, I found myself in the midst of a conversation about how to create a store that had low overhead, allowing us to offer a competitive price point to market.

The idea I began with was not a cart, but rather people in the streets selling shoes from roll on luggage.  Laughable I know! Then it hit me "What about a food truck that sells sneakers, like a Sneaker Cart".  Immediately the idea resonated with me, my girl thought it was an interesting concept, and the next morning I began to research the possibility. My research results showed this had never been done before, and after writing a business plan, and 12 months of hard work, we opened with the world's first full-service mobile sneaker store  “Sneaker Cart”.

While we do offer high dollar collectible shoes, part of our mission is to offer sneakers that fit anyone's budget. Our shoes are priced as low as $25, and most of our product is either under retail or competitive with outlet/market pricing.  In addition, we also provide and sell some of the most exclusive shoes that have hit the market, and have a lot of sample sneakers that never went into production. We carry any and all brands we can get our hands on, including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Converse, Puma, Fila and many more.